Making Sense Common

AZIndParty-logo111Making Sense Common in the 21st Century – Bridging Boundaries for Beneficial Results

Voter Registration in Arizona (2012 approx.)

  • 36% Republican
  • 30% Democrat
  • 33% Independent

“Independent thinking has been the foundation of growth for America and will restore our country’s leadership – not from power, technology or wealth – but from making sense common in doing the right things toward a better future for all. ” Zen Benefiel

It is time the Independent Party came out of the shadows with truly seminal views and shed their light on the shadows of bi-partisan failures and demonstrate what collaboration and partnering can really accomplish! Arizona can lead the way, rising from the ashes of the crash and burn as the sustainable Phoenix we know is possible – increasing the Gross Community Product for the 21st Century.

We can start in Arizona by changing the state of our State and demonstrate we are not willing to remain at the bottom of the educational ranking in this country. We can demonstrate that our production of food is not hindered by our climate and in some cases can even be part of the carbon sequestration solution.

We can demonstrate that alternative energy production is a serious concern. We can demonstrate that our health care system can and does meet the needs of every citizen, including our veterans, without a burden. We can be the leaders, but we have to make the effort and learn how to work as one. That is our greatest challenge – to work in harmony for people and planet.

Bridging parties as well as cultural communities is what America was set up to do. Arizona has the golden opportunity to set the standard for coalescing multiple concerns and factions toward a cohesive and collaborative administration. The result of such would change the course of current deficits and inability to serve our population in so many ways. It would also catapult the use of alternative energy production through the combined efforts of communities and commercial development.

Our state, and especially the Phoenix area, is ripe for developing carbon sequestration efforts using horticulture solutions such as Kenaf, a proven carbon sponge and cash crop. Bridging proven alternative and/or holistic health care programs and insurance providers will ultimately bring health care costs down and reduce costs for the State. A serious look at the fiscal policies and organizational waste of the State is imperative, with savings that could easily be in the millions of dollars.

It is painfully obvious that our country is in need of leadership that can move the public concerns to the top of the priority list. Those concerns include healthy food (GMOs have been banned by many countries already), renewable sustainable energy (research shows that fracking and old carbon-based energy sources are destroying our environment), new millennial education (children need a holistic approach to education, not a test-driven performance outcome) and appropriate health care for all (cost isn’t an issue, people are the issue). There are ways to adjust and thrive in the new millennium, but the current system isn’t providing those ways.

In just 6 (six) years the House and Senate can be completely overhauled, gutted and/or remodeled or renovated. It will probably take much longer – but it is possible with your help… each of you. No one is left out and everyone has a voice and a vote. It’s time we exercised that right and made use of the power of the people. It is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

What other choice do we have? We are a peaceful, purpose-driven society that abhors inhumane treatment of others. It’s time to stand up and live the dream – independence for all. In this way independence becomes interdependence and we all benefit, together as a United States of America. Then we can truly lead the world.

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