21st Century Leadership for Citizens of Arizona… Empower Our Constitutional Rights

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What is 21st Century Leadership?

“The moment you touch your soul, you become fearless. ” Yogi Bhajan

In recent months we’ve seen our individual and assembly rights disappear under the guise of ‘protection’ which is simply another word for CONTROL. How is that in ANY way 21st Century Leadership? We are not a fascist state, so why are we allowing this kind of behavior? Certainly, the obfuscation of facts and the reality of the manipulation of a rather gullible citizenry is worthy of notice. Instead of further division between the mask-wearers and the non-mask wearers, we need to remove the obvious attempts to mask our voices.

In just walking our neighborhood, my wife and I notice people who obviously do not need to be wearing masks when they are walking alone outdoors and near no one yet still have them on. Social distancing has taken on an absolutely ridiculous and unsubstantiated magnitude in our communities. Doctors who are revealing the facts are being silenced, well-researched and front-line based information from the folks actually doing the work is being systematically taken off YouTube and Facebook under the guise of some misanthropic notion that it is harming our ability to make good choices.

Here’s an example of one such video from a couple of neighbors in Bakersfield, California. It has been removed from YouTube.

After a visit from Trump to Arizona on Wednesday (5/6/20) Kyrsten Sinema tweets this:

Even though the Independent Party of Arizona has not been formally recognized, it is being claimed by an organization based in Texas with no rights to it whatsoever. 21st Century Leadership would demand a transparent and trustworthy organization based in Arizona. A call to the Morrison Institute of Public Policy will hopefully get some answers as to the nature and purpose of political organization masquerading as real representatives of Arizona. Our intention for developing the momentum of transparency and trust is to register the Party in Arizona and provide a third-party neutral that focuses on the needs of Arizona citizens instead of by-partisan arguments that continue to plague the forward progress of a State that holds so much potential on a multitude of concerns, with solutions available the benefits everyone.

third party neutral - independent party of arizona - 21st century leadershipTo date we’ve seen the erosion of our rights as citizens of this great country, though it certainly isn’t great again… yet. The transcendent event we are experiencing together is moving us into points of order in which we need to have clear and informed choices to move forward. People have been treated as ignorant and unable to make choices for their own safety. A careful study of history, outlined in a great book by Howard Bloom, called The Lucifer Principle, shows that populations have been manipulated throughout history by liars, cheats and thieves who are gifted at spinning tails that are completely false into bite-sized chunks that the gullible public willingly ingests and finds to be true after being well fed.

We are not stupid, although far too many are acting like it now as they cower in fear of being infected by something that has yet to be clearly defined, let along diagnosed. According to new information coming from emergency room doctors as well as virologists, there are two very different and distinct diagnoses of effects on the lungs. One mimics the acute respiratory distress syndrome seen in flu sufferers that affect the lungs and, too often, requires intubation (ventilators) where 70% of the patients die. That’s a medical fact. The other, more insidious version shows healthy and pliable lungs, though the patients demonstrate symptoms close to altitude sickness – not being able to process enough oxygen. Doctors are baffled by it currently as it is truly ‘unknown.’

Most of us aren’t medical professionals or even intelligent enough to understand the intricacies involved in diagnosing a virus or determining its cause, let alone its treatment. We are intelligent enough to understand when doctors around the country are emerging to tell the truth about how they are being encouraged to report the unsubstantiated causes of death (even in pre-existing fatal diseases) as C..VID 19.

Now there is another gentleman, Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, who has also had videos removed from YouTube, that walked us through a very systematic presentation on the proper testing and determination of what actual viruses are and how they react in the human body. Here is another recent one that as of this writing still remains, though it’s now hosted here:

If that isn’t enough for you, this next video is explosive. We need to pay attention. Please view this video with as much critical thinking and skepticism as you can muster. It will be particularly interesting to the folks who have a background in microbiology and/or virology. The presentation will give you some science-backed data and procedures NOT being used in the determination of the C19 virus.

Back to the notion of 21st Century Leadership… Now that you have a little more information from qualified sources, what will you do with it? Here’s some suggestions regarding critical thinking and its definition – The skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are varied and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making.

As a third-party neutral we intend to share relevant information that allows more informed choices. Those choices are focused around mindful actions that are peaceful yet stalwart in their stance. Violating ‘stay at home’ mandates are a chance we may have to take in order to express united concern for the obfuscation of facts and the silly notions of keeping our businesses closed.

In all reality, the numbers that emerge from careful research and presentation do not support the decisions being made at the highest levels of our State and Nation, do they? What are we going to do about that? Suggestions include demanding the attention of our legislative representatives, our judicial system and our community and State leadership. For instance, the work of the Interfaith Council of Arizona has done so much to bring diversity of culture and religion together to celebrate human unity. Perhaps we can embrace their example as a unified citizenry.

How much are we willing to sacrifice in order to empower our State to move forward, fearless and functional now? Have we sacrificed enough? How many people are out of work? How many businesses have been devastated by this unparalleled and, potentially, insidious actions of our elected officials who are supposed to serve the people? So many have abdicated their power in order to ‘feel’ safe today and we’re on the verge of becoming a fascist State and Country. Are we really going to allow that to happen to our families and children?

For now, I created a message to my fellow citizens a few weeks ago at the beginning of our ‘lockdown’…

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