Agreement for Making Sense Common

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I agree on all counts, we have allowed the single focus two-party system to ruin America, none of us common sense gifted individuals can afford to stand on the sidelines anymore. It is time for the Independent Party, the common sense party to rise up, take action and capitalize on a NATIONAL movement.

I agree with Zen. The time is now for Arizonians to show we are not simple-minded desert dwellers. We have an opportunity to capitalize on McCain and Flake stepping down to turn this red state purple. We just need to mobilize with like-minded individuals, forward-thinking corporations, and civic leaders that are purposeful for all, not only those that share their religion or quasi-social ideals, and most importantly leaders that want to make a change for humanity, not for self-enrichment in the monetary sense.

First steps are to identify civic leaders in our communities that are at heart independent, help them fund their agenda, our agenda, and take over municipal offices during the next elections. At the same time, we need to elevate Independent leadership already in a position to run for state office under the Independent flag. The goal is a snowball effect that will turn other red and blue states purple.

As Zen stated, Arizona is in a unique position to produce vast amounts of green energy and low water impact crops. First to go has got to be the burden of subsidized cotton that is grown in this state that carries a heavy water consumption toll and replace it with hemp. Second, why are we not in collaboration with Elon Musk that does not realize he is in the carport business, not just solar panels, and farms.

Take a look at all the parking lots in this city that can have solar panel covered parking that is connected to a municipal grid that we, the people own. Pitch to a retail establishment that owns the parking property – Free power in return for their provision to use the property, plus customers will be more inclined to visit your establishment if they can park in the shade.

The country’s electrical grid is over a century old and in the desperate state of replacement. We can start in Mesa, Glendale, and Phoenix couple a metro grid, sell the power to small municipalities in Arizona, which would then help fund our devastated education system (how can we move forward when we do not renew and enhance our intelligence base).

I have an entire proposal that is about to be sent to Al Gore with the to bridge a meeting with Mr. Musk to pitch his help get this project off the ground (also includes wind and energy storage components).

As you can tell, this movement is something I am very passionate about, and intend to spend more time giving my help in any way possible. Door to door, on a soapbox, on the steps of the capitol. Yes all traditional, while social media is great to get the message out, we need to build a coalition that will take to the streets, take action, get out of their comfort zone, be seen, be heard.

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