Independent Party Platform of Arizona – Is there one?

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What does the Independent Party stand for now?

What is the Independent Party Platform for Arizona? That’s a great question and, honestly, we aren’t really sure. Officially, there is no recognized Independent Party of Arizona. It differs throughout the country between challenging the status quo and simply wanting to remain aloof from any party platform. According to Wikipedia:

An independent is variously defined as a voter who votes for candidates on issues rather than on the basis of a political ideology or partisanship; a voter who does not have long-standing loyalty to, or identification with, a political party; a voter who does not usually vote for the same political party from election to election; or a voter who self-describes as an independent.

So there are perhaps millions of voters in America who vote on issues rather than Party Platform. What if making sense common made a difference and brought people of like minds together in a whole new way? What if this gathering included people who are concerned about the future of education, the production of food that is healthy, the care of our veterans, the synergy of agribusiness and ecosystem regeneration? What if we started with a State, one that has rich potential and a history of divisive politics and poor performance nationally?

Independent Party Platform?

To that end there seems to be energy driving the bus toward an evo-leap in behavior toward people and planet in the State of Arizona, an Independent Party Platform rising from the ashes. The Wild West is learning how to evolve toward a positive outcome beyond the rebellious beginning, bridging cultures and belief systems harmoniously to make sense common. Many are working behind the scenes to achieve this in their businesses, groups and organizations. This contributes to the factors we think are viable:

  • Holistic Education – Mind/Body/Spirit/Planet
  • Available Health Care to All – Solutions & Wellness Programs
  • Affordable Clean Energy – Private & Public Involvement
  • Agribusiness & Environment – Crops & Clean Air
  • Small Business Development & Support – Mentoring & Micro-Lending Programs

Now you are probably not familiar with the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards. These came from collaboration of about 90 countries and were ratified in December of 2010. Those are principles that help make sense common, simply because of the work that has been done, agreed upon and examples positive direction for our business and community development. We believe the documentation to contain relevant and supportive material for the Independent Party as well.

We also want to be holistic in our approach, too. This means addressing the balance and synergy within consciousness, the mind/body/spirit/planet aspect of a new millennial mindset. This mindset moves beyond the past belief systems that separated us into various camps that focused on material and rather primitive notions of command and control environments built on controlling resources of all kinds. There are certain things we can all agree on that make sense common, starting with individual focus and effort toward everyday living.

Is is possible for Arizonans to create a united front and a wave of change in Arizona’s politics? We think so. We see the evidence of the folks in the trenches who keep doing the work, hopeful that someday their cohorts and communities will ‘see the light’ and move beyond their self-centeredness. The past years and decades have shown an apathy toward political involvement and nearly impossible odds for candidates to run on ethics and merits without major financial machines in place.

We believe the Independent Party of Arizona can change that, and will. We’ve got all the tools, the population and only need the Platform, a new kind of Independent activity whose purpose brings people together on issues AND platform in defiance of the old two-party system that has run our country amuck. We need a new way. We need a new example. We need new leaders. We need a recognized Party in Arizona.

Want to get involved? Let us know!

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