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Senatorial Response to Questioning HR 6666

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Questioning HR 6666 Earlier I had suggested strongly that Americans stand up to the continued obfuscation and mishandling of the corona response, not just forgetting the lime. My original email to Senator Sinema, Senator McSally and House representatives from Arizona regarded questioning HR 6666. This post is going to be a little long because it includes the response I got …

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PEOPLE OVER PROFIT – Americans Need to Wake Up and Unite for Their Own Good

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Arizona and Beyond – Citizens Unite PEOPLE OVER PROFIT means that we have rights to clean air, food, health care and water at ANY COST. Lately Arizona, America and the world are facing challenges we never dreamed possible just a few decades ago, perhaps even just a few months ago. Growing up I had a thirst for understanding what my …

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21st Century Leadership for Citizens of Arizona… Empower Our Constitutional Rights

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What is 21st Century Leadership? “The moment you touch your soul, you become fearless. ” Yogi Bhajan In recent months we’ve seen our individual and assembly rights disappear under the guise of ‘protection’ which is simply another word for CONTROL. How is that in ANY way 21st Century Leadership? We are not a fascist state, so why are we allowing …

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Leading By Example – Demands of the Direction

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Leading by Example – It IS time for Arizona Citizens to Speak Up! Let me first state I am a Patriot, a stalwart holder in the rights and privileges of our U.S. Constitution, though it has been attacked and is nearly unrecognizable in effect by profiteering people and corporations. As a planetary citizen it is imperative to raise a voice …

Future Architects – A Natural Wave of Change

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Environmental and Social Architects As planetary citizens and future architects we are facing a collective challenge, one that has far-reaching considerations and potentially able to shift existing systems to better serve the world. I’d like to address social architecture and our opportunity to ascend to a new order of living together in a connected world. Many fear-laden folks will shy …

Resilience of Americans – Challenging Times Cause Collaboration

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Americans know how to work together A strong servant leadership and workforce are what fuels the resilience of Americans, able to evaluate and correct errors in virtually any system. We’re a resilient and resourceful bunch here in a America, let alone brilliant and capable folks around the world. We lost our heart [America] some time ago and have been functioning …

Trust – A Deficit We Can Overcome

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Trust… Do we have it? Edleman’s is not a breakfast treat, although their data is quite substantial. It’s an organization that has been studying TRUST for over 20 years. Their latest report has some interesting data. You can download a full copy of the report here. The report seems to beg the question: How do we restore the trust? Do …

Creating a Better World – Discernment of Truth that Leads Us Forward

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Discernment – Vetting Information Necessary for Our Lives This article explores concepts not necessarily found within any political arena, the processes discernment, yet are absolutely imperative for us to move forward with valid candidates that exhibit ethical and moral standards we espouse. The intention is to move beyond the nuances of politics and take a bigger picture view of how …

Considering Candidates of Conscience

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Candidates of Conscience In America we seem to have lost our way and are limited in our selection and consideration of candidates of conscience. Instead of a government that considers its citizenry more important than profit, our leadership has fallen prey to the very things we once hoped to avoid. Our education, health care and environmental state are dismal if …

Onslaught Against America – Citizen Systems

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Healthy integrated citizen systems are in jeopardy. How are the plethora of political posts affecting you? Social media is overrun by them, right? Millions of folks spend more time on social media sites than reading newspapers or watching the news, but they already know those channels have their fair share of political views. Perhaps that is one of the attractions …