Entering a New Era

Entering a New Era We hear of a new age of enlightenment, a new era of environmental and social responsibility. How is it happening? It certainly appears that the folks […]

What is Politics?

What is Politics? pol·i·tics ˈpäləˌtiks/: noun: the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. […]

Alliances and Relations

Alliances and Relations How do we really do business today? Is that a fair question? I’ve noticed an increasing amount of alliances across the gamut of ‘industry’ today. Those alliances […]

Opportunities for Change

Rolling Out Change In contemplating the roll out of a change in the organizational structure of a country there are some very simple, albeit challenging, processes involved. Traditionally movements stem […]

Education Possibilities

Education Possibilities Our youth of today look at the educational system and ask, “Why?” They look at the values of their parents and say, “That’s not for me!” They laugh […]


Independence What is independence, really? How can we be independent and in solidarity as one nation? No doubt this website either is getting or will be getting some views as […]

Be Here Now & Change

Be Here Now – The Precious Present Many of us have heard that famous phrase, “Be Here Now.” Some have even become familiar with the Og Mandino version and double […]