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Senatorial Response to Questioning HR 6666

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Questioning HR 6666 Earlier I had suggested strongly that Americans stand up to the continued obfuscation and mishandling of the corona response, not just forgetting the lime. My original email to Senator Sinema, Senator McSally and House representatives from Arizona regarded questioning HR 6666. This post is going to be a little long because it includes the response I got …

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PEOPLE OVER PROFIT – Americans Need to Wake Up and Unite for Their Own Good

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Arizona and Beyond – Citizens Unite PEOPLE OVER PROFIT means that we have rights to clean air, food, health care and water at ANY COST. Lately Arizona, America and the world are facing challenges we never dreamed possible just a few decades ago, perhaps even just a few months ago. Growing up I had a thirst for understanding what my …

Trust – A Deficit We Can Overcome

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Trust… Do we have it? Edleman’s is not a breakfast treat, although their data is quite substantial. It’s an organization that has been studying TRUST for over 20 years. Their latest report has some interesting data. You can download a full copy of the report here. The report seems to beg the question: How do we restore the trust? Do …

Creating a Better World – Discernment of Truth that Leads Us Forward

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Discernment – Vetting Information Necessary for Our Lives This article explores concepts not necessarily found within any political arena, the processes discernment, yet are absolutely imperative for us to move forward with valid candidates that exhibit ethical and moral standards we espouse. The intention is to move beyond the nuances of politics and take a bigger picture view of how …

Independent Party of Arizona – Bridging the Old and New

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Stewards of Change The Independent Party of Arizona, by our intention as we develop, bridges parties as well as cultural communities and is what America was set up to do. Arizona has the golden opportunity to set the standard for coalescing multiple concerns and factions toward a cohesive and collaborative administration. The result of such would change the course of current …

Appealing to Generations as an Independent Party

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How is the Independent Party positioned? First of all, we seek to make sense common. We want to appeal to generations, all of them. What do we mean by that? Sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity has kept us from learning how to work together toward common benefits, resources and services that make life sustainable for all of us. We seek …