Independence – what does it mean


What does that really mean today? Over 200 years ago we established a new nation with the intent of being free of British rule. Those who came conquered yet another people in order to have their ‘freedom’ from┬áthe tyranny of rule without representation. Seems almost like the same behavior repeated itself, only in a different land and with reversed roles. That is the history, whether we like it or not. It is very simple and not so kind to those who chose to conquer and control this new land.

In spite of the history and suffering imposed upon a people with little defense, our entire nation became one in order to meet the challenges of several wars. Our heroes fought in foreign lands, some their places of origin, in order to protect the world from those who wished to dominate others. There are some questions about the legitimacy of war raised in the last century when a kind of coup was exposed; bankers and manufacturers of munitions and weapons on both sides. Is that really independence?

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Nation’s Resolve

Still, our nation’s resolve is to rid the world of evil-doers and make a safe place for us all to play and work. Or, is it? More recently the notion of ‘big business’ has become a focus of political control and manufacturers of goods that have been proven harmful are still being allowed to inflict profit-driven and citizen-shocking behavior.

Where is the independence for the people in that? Has the dominance the originators of America unleashed come back to haunt us? The operation of our political system has become a joke among the other nations, perhaps even hypocritical of our constitutional intentions.

Brave and Courageous

The brave and courageous men and women that have given their lives for our ‘freedom’ are duly noted and their devotion to this country has no match in service. Those lives mean everything to patriotic citizens of this great nation. It is only righteous that those lives are honored and revered.

The belief in doing the right thing leads us down the path of devotion and service to a cause, the idea of maintaining our freedom in this case; the rights and privileges of being an American. This stands in stark contrast to the political system now, the dog and pony show of ridiculous behaviors of late.

Actors on a stage, in the news and on television have divided our country more than bringing folks together as one, it seems. Few seem to be working toward better lifestyles that include a variety of services we’ve come to expect. Special interest groups infect the process with add-ons to legislation often hidden so deeply that no one knows it is there until it’s too late. This is public knowledge and yet not much has been done to change the behavior. In fact, it has gotten worse.

Stand and Deliver

Who will stand and deliver for the citizens of America? How do real leaders, moral and ethical bastions of hope for our world, emerge in such a state of confusion? How can we, as citizens, engage each other in healthy and productive processes that facilitate a change in behavior that demonstrates our resolve for creating a better world? We DO have things in common. The shifts in behavior make sense, holding those accountable that have circumvented our inalienable rights.

What we have to be careful of is falling into the same trap once again. We’ve studied enough history not to repeat it, hopefully. We’ve bought into the notion that a few good people can change the world. What would happen if those few turned into millions? Is there a way to create agreement, consensus or even unity of purpose in the coming years? Perhaps our real independence hinges on our ability to do so.

Disappointment and division often produce anger and resentment that keep us from becoming whole as a nation. Is it possible that we can find direction together and work toward common goals rather than remain separated and distant because of some perceived party line? Could our next level of ‘independence’ be from all things that separate us from becoming truly united?

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