PEOPLE OVER PROFIT – Americans Need to Wake Up and Unite for Their Own Good

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Arizona and Beyond – Citizens Unite

PEOPLE OVER PROFIT means that we have rights to clean air, food, health care and water at ANY COST. Lately Arizona, America and the world are facing challenges we never dreamed possible just a few decades ago, perhaps even just a few months ago. Growing up I had a thirst for understanding what my elders had gone through in the 20th Century, their trials and tribulations as well as their triumphs. The world went through an incomprehensible change for them. Most wanted to believe in their government; elected officials that truly were there to serve the citizenry of the United States. The U.S. Constitution gave glorious opportunities to stand stalwart in One Nation, Under God.

God seems to have disappeared, along with the Constitution. Politicians no longer serve the needs of the people and those elders above are bereft of words that express their dismay and often disgust at the condition of our country today. No longer are our best interests in the hearts and minds of politicians, if they have hearts and minds at all. Most of them, when careful research is done, are in the Profit over People system and disregard the best science on environmental concerns, health care and development of technology that is supposed to make our lives better.

A recent article exposed the nonsense regarding how American leadership is handling what we’ve been told is a pandemic. It even appears that one of the key players on the COVID team actually had a hand in creating it.  If one stands back and just looks at the scene from afar, the obvious notions of potential fascism emerge. Putting the country on lock down, destroying livelihood of farmers, business people, educators et al, is NOT in our best interests. There have been many who’ve raised their voice regarding the dumbing down and drugging of America. Journalists who used to write at an 8th grade level for public consumption are now writing at a 5th grade level. Howard Bloom’s book, The Lucifer Principle, reveals the history of populations that were manipulated by a few to control the narrative.

Methinks the dumbed and numbed public can still respect and understand these doctors who initially stood up and pushed back with data and information that did not agree with the theoretical numbers and actions that are and were being taken by our government. Pay particular attention to the mention of what Sweden has done and how effective it was. Imagine what a heightened fear level, and an aged diminished immune system would do in fighting off a nasty flu bug. Imagine what over-inflated numbers would do to an unsuspecting and follow the pack public would do. Here’s the censored and removed video from two California doctors who had the guts to give an interview to a local news station regarding their personal experiences in the trenches and their expertise in extrapolation of correct data.

Big numbers… small amount of deaths…. 0.003% or thereabout. Something is brewing and it certainly isn’t mom’s home cooking. This post occurring on Mother’s Day should also give us pause to reflect and remember the morals, values and ethics our mothers taught us as children. We have lost them as a country, as an un-unified under God population that has been systematically dismantled and dismembered. For those in my generation who’s parents may or may not still be alive, “What would your mother tell you to do when your rights are being violated?” Perhaps it would be to contact your Senators and Representatives. DO IT NOW! YOUR FREEDOM MAY DEPEND ON IT!

My 90 year old mother tested positive in a dementia care center – as healthy physically as any 90 year old – and she had no symptoms and remains in great health. No family members could visit their relatives during this period…. none. Too many health care professionals who absolutely have the expertise to determine the facts of the ‘virus’ and its effects as well as the actual danger the American (and world) population has have either been removed from the Net or summarily dismissed by the guys and gals in the ivory towers. How far are we going to let the government control our bodies and lives? If we don’t do something now and changes take place, it is highly likely we’ll end up in a civil war, or at best extreme civil unrest.

Okay, so back to the science of the transcendent event. I really have a hard time even using the word ‘pandemic’ because it just is NOT. It is a strategically enacted move to further diminish our rights and privileges, in my humble opinion. Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, another medical professional that has enough credentials to astound most people, took the time to prepare and present very thorough and simply stated information about what doctors and scientists have been unable or unwilling to express to the public. His video was also censored and removed from YouTube. Funny what data, details and demonstrated truths will do to the corporate controllers. I love YouTube, but not their censorship. There are two featured in this previous article. Below is his first video which we managed to save:


Taking a Leap of FAITH

The 21st Century is supposed to lead us toward the future, perhaps even a Type I Civilization. If you don’t know what that is, please refer to the Kardashev Scale here. How we get there is more important than we could ever dream possible, and yet we’re being forced to accept violations of our Constitution, our rights and our ways and means of earning a living. Instead, we’re being offered a pittance of compensation to ease the pain, hoping we’ll stay quiet and indoors while proven harmful technology continues to roll out without restrictions and, according to the industry leaders when questioned, without independent research on its safety. That seems like Profit over People again.

Regardless of how it happened and who the perpetrators are, pointing fingers doesn’t do anyone any good. An eye for an eye only leaves both blind in one eye. Perhaps justice would, prosecution and judgment to include stripping them of their wealth and using it to repair the damage at least in part. Long-term damage to individuals, businesses, educational and health care systems has already been done. I’m reminded of a quote from Jack Kornfield (sounds organic, doesn’t it), “No matter how difficult the past, you can always begin again today” Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How would you size up in your children’s eyes in this moment? Are you truly creating a better future for them or allowing a corporate or political thug to dictate it?

Why am I so concerned? I love my Constitution and what it stands for, first of all. I’ve watched the corporate takeover of politics in my lifetime, specifically with a Profit Over People motive. You may want to deny it, but just listen to the commercials with new drugs and their admittance that they may cause death and because of that they aren’t held liable when they do. Same with cell phones. In the fine print (legal disclaimer) on each phone is a warning not to keep it within 1 cm of your body. Why? It’s known to cause cancer. Now we’ve got a fallacious notion that there is a bad virus and we need to allow ‘eligible entities’ in to our homes to test us when the reality is the actual data doesn’t warrant this kind of panic or control, much less the shut down of businesses and loss of jobs as a result. It is stripping our power as citizens away.

Best of Intentions?

The People Over Profit ideal has been threatened most recently when we found out there is a House Resolution, HR6666, that is being presented as a means to further ‘control’ this ‘pandemic’ we are supposedly in the middle of now. Never mind the science that questions it. It appears the intention of the resolution is to further identify and potentially treat COVID-19 carriers. It seems legitimate until you do your research and figure out there really is no substance in the reason for doing so, based on the science that is coming forth now. It seems, at least to some, that the government is acting on fallacious information and we are expected to accept it as the gospel. Really?

We have an ill-prepared system that had its guts ripped out several years ago when the department for handling such things was completely disbanded and its head fired by our current President. This resolution seems to be a ‘Hail Mary’ for dealing with it.  Pay particular attention to the phrases ‘eligible entities’  and ‘for other purposes’ and understand it leaves things open not only for interpretation, but for potential mandates for vaccinations. The government simply cannot act that way in a democracy. Here’s the presentation verbiage of the resolution:

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes. 

Read that carefully and UNDERSTAND the permission it gives to ‘eligible entities’ to enter OUR  HOMES and potentially remove you or members of your family for just testing positive EVEN with NO SYMPTOMS.  The People Over Profit mentality is sorely lacking – ‘eligible entities’ leaves a lot to question. In respect to the message in the graphic above, “The aim of spiritual life is to awaken a joyful freedom, a benevolent and compassionate heart in spite of everything,” Americans have lost their collective spiritual direction. We have NO UNIFIED FIELD, as Einstein would put it.

Now it may seem like a great idea to throw $100,000,000,000 – that’s 100 Billion – at the problem in order to determine who has COVID-19, and more than likely thrust an unproven and fast-tracked vaccine at us that even the best epidemiologists agree isn’t necessary, let alone truly protective. The ‘eligible entities’ includes a long list of potentials that would require substantial training and, as with most folks who are given certain authority, implied or specific, people tend to over reach their authority. I’ve been in business, corporate environments as well as small businesses, and even there human resource activity often lacks the interpersonal skills training necessary for leadership positions.

Another sore spot is the ploy to get community members to do the government’s job and get paid for it. That’s nice if you need money, but the idea of putting community members in charge of conducting interviews, doing testing (necessary of not) and then reporting back in what is bound to be oh, so many ways. What is the data the plan is really after? I’m all for transparency, but many people will offer up information without giving it a second thought. Hardly anyone questions authority anymore. Who really benefits from that?

If you test positive, according to the insidious wording of this House Resolution, they could potentially remove you ‘and for other purposes’ leaves the door wide open. Is that what Americans really want to give their permission to do, especially with the proven grossly misrepresented figures being used to command such action. Though we truly want to trust our leadership and give our permission to them, they’ve proven to be untrustworthy to date. There may be a few, but discovery and documentation from extremely well-endowed journalists and investigators are proving we are in a ‘Profit over People’ country and world today.

People Over Profit vs Profit Over People

Do you really want to take the chance the our U.S. Constitution will be further eroded by such malfeasance? Our advice: Contact your House and Senate representatives on State and National levels and stop this nonsense. Express your concern and make them accountable for the jobs they were elected to do – serve the public. We can turn the tide around from ‘Profit over People’ to ‘People over Profit’ but it has to involve EACH PERSON and OUR COMBINED VOICES. This is NOT A DRILL! It is not dress rehearsal. It’s not even a bad joke, though many will probably still want to hide their heads in either apathy or disgust. Attention, intention and ACTION – to bring us together as Americans again. WE make America Great, not our leadership.

Time to stand up folks. We need to take part in collaborative and collective action to express concern and demand action that is truly in OUR BEST INTERESTS. Contact your legislators and senators and STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!! The last thing I want to do is fuel any panic, but the testing is faulty and we know it. Too many doctors have spoken up and been silenced or removed from public view by our illustrious friends at YT and FB under rather questionable circumstances and reasons. I don’t particularly like FOX NEWS, but Tucker Carlson is doing a bang-up job at exposing the truth. Alas, people are left up to their own devices (pun intended) and their willingness to be told what to do, when to do it and how it is done.

The skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are varied and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making. Specifically we need to be able to: Think about a topic or issue in an objective and critical way. We need to ask ourselves, “Are we thinking critically today?” Does a person wearing a mask in the middle of a forest exhibit critical thinking skills? Does a person wearing a mask walking in public with no one around exhibit critical thinking skills? Does wearing a mask at all, unless you are infected, exhibit critical thinking skills? We really have to wonder, right? Just the fact that it is questionable should lead us to further investigation instead of getting spoon fed information through mainstream media and government hooligans.

Another Looming Disaster Obfuscated by Wagging the Tail

What we have been distracted from during this pandemic is another technology roll-out being done behind our backs yet out in the open. We all love the technological advantages and have accepted the downside of it. The upside is our lives are supposedly easier and faster. How can we still stop and smell the roses? Are they real or genetically modified? Beyond that, the science that has proven the frequencies of the communication technology – wireless – is absolutely dangerous to the human body over time. Even the cell phone manufacturers include warnings in the ‘legal’ section of your cell phone. Don’t believe me? Go look. How can we be so ignorant as to usurp our health for convenience?

If you are in doubt, here is a world-renown scientist who’s spent her life studying the effects and recommending public policy toward them. It is truly unfortunate that her and others’ research have been denied or refuted by the very organizations in control of the technology’s guardianship. This is the video in its entirety. Please PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION:


The post is not intended to engage in any kind of subversive of violent activity. In fact, just the opposite. We encourage mindful action, designed to benefit people, places and things with purposeful activity. The heart of humanity is being damaged, has been damaged and is under threat of further damage by the Profit over People regimes that continue to vie for control of those same people, places and things for their own design regardless of the devastation to people and our home, Mother Earth. Many are seeking the inner guidance, not understanding that there is no separation from what we call God/Creator/Allah/Krishna or whatever name we choose to use. This is humanity, not a religion.

We have inner systems at work, designed by a creator that knew we would need them and imbuing each of us with the ability to access them, learn them and trust them. A recent book I published, ZERO to ONE – Making Our Way Toward a Conscious Civilization, holds some keys to your inner kingdom and the ability to use it as a guiding force for the outer kingdom that needs our collective help now. The reality of the activity we must engage means me need to collaborate in some kind of action that creates something new, something unexpected, something exciting and powerful enough to both get through to the marginalized public and inspire those already awaken within themselves into action… Get the book for free here.


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