Empowering Public Wisdom

Is there such a thing as ‘public wisdom’ beyond the mob consciousness present in politics beyond reason today? Who is actually making sense common among the political activities? Beyond the […]

Entering a New Era

Entering a New Era We hear of a new age of enlightenment, a new era of environmental and social responsibility. How is it happening? It certainly appears that the folks […]

Coffee Party USA

Coffee Party USA is a grassroots, non-partisan movement that aims to restore the principles and spirit of democracy in America. It ┬ástarted on Facebook as a popular fan page in […]

Opportunities for Change

Rolling Out Change In contemplating the roll out of a change in the organizational structure of a country there are some very simple, albeit challenging, processes involved. Traditionally movements stem […]

Be Here Now & Change

Be Here Now – The Precious Present Many of us have heard that famous phrase, “Be Here Now.” Some have even become familiar with the Og Mandino version and double […]

Changing Times

Changing times… We’re changing. The world is changing. How it changes reflects how we care for each other and our planet. On a practical level, businesses that integrate sustainability fully […]

UBUNTU Movement Hints

What is the UBUNTU Movement? Michael Tellinger has been concerned about the way business as usual has been systematically usurping the power of the people in South Africa. He has […]