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21st Century Leadership for Citizens of Arizona… Empower Our Constitutional Rights

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What is 21st Century Leadership? “The moment you touch your soul, you become fearless. ” Yogi Bhajan In recent months we’ve seen our individual and assembly rights disappear under the guise of ‘protection’ which is simply another word for CONTROL. How is that in ANY way 21st Century Leadership? We are not a fascist state, so why are we allowing …

Trust – A Deficit We Can Overcome

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Trust… Do we have it? Edleman’s is not a breakfast treat, although their data is quite substantial. It’s an organization that has been studying TRUST for over 20 years. Their latest report has some interesting data. You can download a full copy of the report here. The report seems to beg the question: How do we restore the trust? Do …

Independent Party Platform of Arizona – Is there one?

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What does the Independent Party stand for now? What is the Independent Party Platform for Arizona? That’s a great question and, honestly, we aren’t really sure. Officially, there is no recognized Independent Party of Arizona. It differs throughout the country between challenging the status quo and simply wanting to remain aloof from any party platform. According to Wikipedia: An independent is variously …