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The Arizona Independent Party is Rising

“Independent thinking has been the foundation of growth for America and will restore our country’s leadership – not from power, technology or wealth – but from making sense common in doing the right things toward a better future for all in the 21st Century. We think the Independent Party of Arizona can do just that for our future.” 

The philosophy of 21st century leadership is unity in diversity, harmony among people and planet, has long been in the hearts and minds of Americans as a culture, evidenced by the attraction of others from around the world. American politics, on the other hand, has been less than supportive of the philosophy in the evolution of its binary system of government. There is no third party neutral.

The introduction of a third party neutral has been an integral component in facilitating collaboration and cooperation in diverse groups in business, education and technology development. The goals are made clear and the process helps individuals move beyond the polarities of petty differences. The binary system in politics has paralyzed progress in America; that which benefits our citizenry and communities. Being open to internally-driven moral and ethical collaborations creates opportunity for change that benefits everyone.

Arizona Independent Party – Challenge to Change

In the 21st century leadership data base is the notion that every question has an answer. Are we asking the right ones that lead toward harmony among people and planet? Are we asking the right ones that serve Arizonan’s best interest as a whole? Answers don’t really matter if we aren’t asking the right questions that lead us toward collaborative solutions in serving a diverse population. Can we move beyond separative notions? Is there a source of inspiration and encouragement beyond our current limited scope of perception?

The change focuses on removing Liabilities, Limitations and Excuses in service to Arizonans through developing the Independent Party of Arizona and establishing a platform that makes sense common, includes best practices and sustainably benefits Arizona’s population. Independents who remain outside of a party usually remain outliers. We want to invite them in so that we can have a stronger presence and voice in shaping Arizona’s future; to lead the shift in education, energy, environment and leadership.

David Holmzer, Taos Institute Fellow,  says:

… those of us within the broad and diverse community of leadership, are finding ourselves in the unique position of helping to steward the concurrent processes of decay and rebirth. …helping shift between the old and the new is one of the key purposes on our new map of leadership. And …all that lies ahead will be bound by the seemingly paradoxical notions of unity and difference. … there exists a great need for scholars and practitioners who are able to bridge ideological and epistemological boundaries… to help …emergence of new forms of thinking about organizations and leadership.

21st Century Leadership

Making Sense Commonwhat does that mean?

When all the biased, personal and corporate profit-driven agendas fall away, what truly needs to be done emerges in regard education, energy, environment, healthcare, immigration, social services and more and the truth shall become self-evident. This self-evident agenda, one that creates harmony among people and planet, is our mission to discover. Let’s restore the Faith, Love and Trust we have in our humanity and ability to work together – a new millennial mindset already in our hearts.

Now let’s make the previous paragraph relevant. We know, now painfully, that the corporatocracy is in charge of our lives, for the most part, including our political parties. The Profit over People and Planet agenda is up for reformation; People and Planet over Profit is the new millennial requirement for sustainability. That means that we need to consider the nature of holistic systems, even in Nature, and learn how to integrate that intelligence into our existing systems. The science is there. The organizational capacity is there.

Creating a party, however small initially, that edifies the nature of life and living in sustainable communities is paramount for our survival. Completely destroying the existing political ‘system’ is unnecessary. We just need to use it wisely and create a new wave of leadership that is consistent with actually serving the people. Creating the mechanisms to do so are within the best practices of modern business philosophy, educators with foresight and community development.

The calamity of covid caused us to rethink how and where we live. There has been a trend toward regenerative communities, small collectives that practice the principles of partnering (integrity, trust, communication, issue resolution) with the intent to nurture the citizenry from a holistic mind/body/spirit perspective. The application of that philosophy comes through critical thinking and decision-making that strategized the synergy of cognitive, material and social sciences.

Doing the right thing for our common benefit is common sense. Exploring options as well as existing systems that can be integrated into a holistic system of government that serves the people instead of usurping their power will lead us effectively into the 21st Century. Business practices, educational and environmental support, health care and social services involve leadership by doing the right things. Choosing to expand our views of our world and others might offer considerable insights and inspiration to empower the change we need to be sustainable for the future.

Independent thinking is our foundation and has been free from party association to date. Independent campaigns have failed repeatedly in America. Remaining free from any political party is no longer a choice if we are going to CHANGE the course of politics in Arizona, let alone the nation. Collaboration is key. We can demonstrate how to bring people, places and things together for the good of all.

Let’s follow Socrates’ admonition…

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


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