Potential Path of Politics

hiddenimagePotential Path of Politics

I’m no one special, yet as a teenager I had an experience that has stayed with me for over 40 years now. For a long time I was reticent to share this experience because it is so ‘abnormal’ yet it has so many things in common with others. I wrote a book about it, expanding a chapter from yet another book that took me a decade to write.

The book is called Near Death of a Different Sort. It isn’t about death as much as it is about resurrection. Suffice it to say I got a message with a mission and it is way bigger than me. So, I risk sharing it as inspiration and motivation for doing the right things right in this world. America needs our help, not our disgust or finger-pointing. Things won’t change if we don’t get involved in the things that matter for everyone to be educated, healthy and productive.

Now, I’m a deep thinker and capable organizer as well. My professional history is full of events and productions where I led or was part of a team that brought people, places and things together to do some pretty amazing things; reducing DOD delinquencies for an aerospace company to New Year’s Eve parties for 250,000. I’ve led pre-construction team building sessions for things like a centralized processing center for unaccompanied children fleeing horrific living conditions, initiated by Homeland Security.

I’m comfortable with managing chaos in the classroom, too. I taught at two inner-city schools, had full charge of the curriculum for two charter schools and  co-taught a residential treatment center secondary program. For my second Master’s, Organizational Management, I wrote a business plan for a model educational village for at-risk teens. It’s still appears to be way ahead of the curve yet I hope someday to witness its construction. Leading from the emerging future is tantamount to our ability to embrace it successfully. So what about the potential path of politics?

Future of Politics

a world unitedTurning to politics in America is a stretch few choose to take for a variety of reasons, and understandably so. Being able to step back and view the situation from afar, including a bigger picture, presents an opportunity to both cognate and craft collaborative local and national networks. It may already be in place and I’m just not aware, yet it doesn’t appear to be visible as of yet. Moving beyond the separative notions of a two-party system should be the goal of the Independent Party of America. How does that happen?

Creating amazing opportunities for people, places and things to come together for collaborative change that benefits our communities is both challenging and rewarding. It’s nothing short of hard work filled with tireless commitment. Never before have we, as citizens, had the capacity to act together through the utilization of best practices in organizational development and technological applications. We can have our heads in the ‘cloud’ and be firmly rooted on the ground through networks of citizenry who are ready to engage a better future for us all.

So the loose-knit plan would include small gatherings of folks to organize fun-filled festivals with the theme of harmony among people and planet. This theme is broad and inviting for most every forward-thinking futurist and community activists across the gamut of agriculture to education to social services to waste management and more. The goal is to get everyone into the act, and that happens through making things enjoyable and fun to be involved. The dedicated and self-initiating hard workers know how to have fun with the mundane and tedious tasks necessary to achieve goals.

The goals of the festivals are simple. First, we bring people together for a common cause and begin the process of making sense common through the activities and presentations throughout the festival grounds. Second, those folks that are prone to get involved with community activity will have opportunities to sign up for further contact and engagement. Then the real work starts. Local organizers (facilitators extraordinaire) conduct small meetings to coordinate topic-specific interest groups that will begin to build the resource pool. Organizational development software will be utilized so that ‘communities’ of people can be organized through profile development. There is an art and science involved in community development; placement of complementary skillsets into highly functional workgroups.

Tasking the Tribe

What are these workgroups being tasked to do? For instance, a group may have the edict of finding potential leaders in the community. Those dream jobleaders will have demonstrated ethical and moral behaviors within the community that seem above reproach. Then through the further engagement, provided the individuals are willing, they will be vetted and groomed for community leadership positions. Those positions are elected officials across the gamut of community development.

The leadership notoriety is further developed by the cohesive collaboration of the group and recognized by the community beyond the paid advertising scenarios. In most cases these groups will be volunteers, yet income streams to support the groups and benefit the community are encouraged. Making sense common and merging intentional activities with the necessary funding is happening in many scenarios already. Many academic and social leaders are already demonstrating what can be done through such efforts.

Another group might organize to promote permaculture or farmer’s market activity. Another may gather educators to create programs for schools that engage character building, communication skills development or community activities that nurture service scenarios. Many of these activities are already happening in the communities. We have a history in this country of competitive and separative activity that doesn’t always serve the needs of the community. What we are proposing is a concerted effort to move toward the collective good, to support better resource management and community development. We believe this will have a broad stroke effect in the future of our country, leading us into a better world.

So the potential path of politics is truly in our hands. Self-organizing systems are the way of the future. Creating a movement is the most effective way to move us all into the future we all know is possible. Getting over the indecision and lethargy that has enveloped our citizenry is our real challenge. May we find success everywhere. Programs like Transforming Business, Society and Self are also gaining momentum. Where do you see yourself?

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