The Lesser of Two Evils – Third Party Solution

The lesser of two evils might be mitigated by a third party solution. I’m appalled that America has been so deceitfully led into the choices the two-party system is giving us this election year. It’s downright embarrassing to see the fanfare given to both of them, in spite of the obvious mistrust in them both. How do we get ourselves into these kinds of messes, if they indeed are? Is there a third-party solution?

Troubling times are ahead and potential unrest might prove a healthy option to the fray. I think it has become obvious to the American public that our political system is challenged by the influence of corporate and/or personal interests of the wealthy. Obama gets a lot of flack, but his record, statistically, is one of the best for decades. One man or woman will not make a difference if their constituents continue to play hide and seek regarding addressing critical areas.Jill Stein

Those critical areas include the most basic foundation one and all can fathom…. demonstrating how to get along for the greater good. We’re a global village now, digitally connected beyond all imagination to the point of transparency. If the leaders aren’t transparent, there are those who can still shine the light on the shadows very well. We’ve seen that happen in the last few years especially. What good does that do?

When the public interest is at the core of the system, the health and well-being of all citizenry, special interests begin to fade. The political system has been a mess for some time, many of its cohorts have made a career out of it. I’m sure good has been done, but the length of time in office tends to minimize effectiveness even with the capacity of staff to manage the new and/or existing demands. The old phrase, “familiarity breeds contempt,” might fit for the geriatrically gifted, far removed from the harmony among people and planet mindset of the new generations.

Conventionally Speaking

I have to say after the RNC and the DNC I don’t see a clear choice either way. In fact, they both are frightening with the facts that we know. The ‘politically correct’ actions of the leadership to rally behind the candidates is overshadowed by the recent exposure of the back office interactions. WikiLeaks is a powerful tool for change. The only thing is, few are stepping up to engage a new order effectively. It has nothing to do with global dominance of some cabal. It has to do with the American people getting better as self-organization. Feeling the Bern only demonstrated that the time is ripe, but the people are still weak in action.

I don’t know if Americans can find their way to harmony, given the continued racial discrimination and corporate ignorance of the health and well-being of our citizenry. Too many holes are letting the reign of self-interest rule the roost, imho. Only when we can truly make sense common, what works for the betterment of our country and citizenry without ethical violations, will we take the next evo-leap in the movement toward a new world order that transcends the old world order’s mask. Yes, they’ve been trying to remodel the facade, but it’s still the same building. Change is coming. May we engage it with fervor, non-violently and with great wisdom that resonates in the hearts of Americans.W0e2W4e

Perhaps there is another option? We’ve been so distracted by the media coverage of the two-party system that we’ve forgotten about a third or more. What is best for Americans and who truly represents them? Examining another candidate may be a solution. Due diligence is important and you’ve got to do that on your own. Don’t believe anything you read, half of what you see and none of the loud and obnoxious behavior. However, authentic integrity will shine when the light of scrutiny is cast upon the personage in question.

Obviously supporting a third-party candidate would take votes away from the lesser of two evils. It isn’t that they are necessarily evil, per se, just that the suspicious activity should create concern in the minds and hearts of the American public. It should be enough to shift attention to the alternative, who has also been vetted by the public standard for performance and shown to at least be trustworthy. We still need a revolution, imho, that stirs the creativity and innovation latent in Americans, no matter where they are from, their ethnicity or religion.

Reality of Numbers

Unfortunately the numbers necessary to upset the balance just aren’t there, even if well-intended folks vote their conscience. The votes would no doubt be taken away from the Democratic side, and the potential of a Republican victory grows. So if we aren’t really satisfied with either, then there needs to be a longer-term plan to build a party with with fresh, well-vetted talent. Why? Because it isn’t the Pontiff’s office that is awry. It’s an old career politician-laden system that operates under the power of money.

To revamp the system by a systematic approach, the organizational complexity alone would take years to coordinate. So it does. That isn’t a deterrent, it’s a reality. The sooner it happens the better for us all. It is possible the two-party system could right itself, but the indications are that big money is still too influential. The status quo is less than favorable benefit to the general public. Solutions abound, we just need a system that learns and grows to meet the needs of all.

Where do we go from here?

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