Onslaught Against America – Citizen Systems

Healthy integrated citizen systems are in jeopardy. How are the plethora of political posts affecting you? Social media is overrun by them, right?

Millions of folks spend more time on social media sites than reading newspapers or watching the news, but they already know those channels have their fair share of political views. Perhaps that is one of the attractions of social media, or was, being able to be free of the shenanigans. Now I’m avoiding social media because it is a house divided and warring without wisdom.

No side is worse than the other in their ability to set aside the agendas of the SWAMP and lead like the mature and wise men voters seemed to think they were back when they first got elected. If one begins to learn about all the systems involved in the process of governance and the administration of resources in our country, or any for that matter, the complexity is staggering. Perhaps, like a huge corporation that reaches such a size and market share that it nearly becomes autonomous, an inevitable decline and disarray looms in the distance.

An old system steeped in bias and prejudice of money over what matters yields marginalized informationcitizen systems to the general public. That is just an observation of the overall scene. If that is so, then how can we trust anything? Perhaps the past generations were too generous in their trust, not knowing the long-term effects of industrialization and fossil fuels. In systems this size, like organizations, the speed of change is sluggish, at best. It is further compounded by those who are stuck in the system, position and mindset, with agendas crafted by others.

What are we, citizens of these seemingly broken United States, able to do in the face of such nonsense? I’m a bit prejudice from years of facilitating building, road and bridge pre-construction team building workshops where diverse cultures and skill sets are the norm. Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, Integrity and Trust. Lives are literally at risk in many systems construction scenarios.

Perceptually, the Independence Party can become the third-party neutral, crucial to citizen systems, that is able to bridge other parties with the notion that we can facilitate the focus on the needs of the people. There are obvious systems we need to have in place to care for our country and its citizens. The ability to bring diverse interests together and work out the details of what needs to be done and how is integral to our growth as a country. The authority of the people has gradually been usurped by corporations and special interest groups. We know that now.

As difficult a task as it may be, we have to learn how to get along and set aside personal/political interests in order to do our best to serve the people. The people are waiting for a response. Can we self-organize to support our common needs for a strong community? What kind of citizen systems can we create that works?

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