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Environmental and Social Architects

As planetary citizens and future architects we are facing a collective challenge, one that has far-reaching considerations and potentially able to shift existing systems to better serve the world. I’d like to address social architecture and our opportunity to ascend to a new order of living together in a connected world. Many fear-laden folks will shy away from standing up and speaking toward doing the right things.

We tend to think symptoms of chaos are the core issues. In the bigger picture, there is an all-pervading consciousness at work. Could this be the beginning of a restructuring of our planetary civilization toward something much better, a newly ordered world? That sound frightening to many I’m sure, with visions of some kind of dystopian world. Just the opposite is possible; a world run well that meets the needs of its citizenry designed by future architects across industry.

My wife, Luba, and I talk about everything, especially the deeper considerations in life and the world. We observe and report on the ridiculousness of the finger-pointing and obstinate behavior of our political leadership. We, because of our choice, also look for opportunities to consider it, too, as being a necessary part of the evolution of our planetary consciousness. Why? Because we want to be a part of the change as future architects as well.

Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia and has a completely different perspective than most Americans because of her life experience. She went through the empty shelves in stores during the 1980s. Americans have been brainwashed by contrived and twisted educational materials as well the media, too often looking for what is wrong rather than right. We look for enemies before even thinking about friends we haven’t met yet.

newly ordered worldMy proclivities to look for the misunderstood and clarification of ‘what is’ certainly fall in line with the Zen moniker and philosophy. As a professional facilitator I’m, trained to be unbiased and observant, able to report on the reality in order to manage it better. Now we’re at a point where our obsessive and selfish behavior is needing a dramatic change. Like it or not, it is happening. What are you going to do to make it better? Is God going to help?

God is a term that creates inner turmoil in some, not really knowing what ‘IT’ is, though it encompasses and permeates everything. We call it many things, too, yet don’t always respect it, let alone honor the natural harmony and order it offers through the personal obedience to the greater theme – ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET, ONE LIFE TOGETHER. We’ve become disrespectful of the elements of life-friendly sustainability.

One of the interesting side-effects of the COVID-19 extravaganza is the near-immediate cleaner skies in the densely populated areas, a good thing for our environment. There are no doubt other benefits as we learn about how logistics work. I’ve worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on many projects and know their dedication to doing things right and with skill and precision.

Smarter Choices – Smarter Humans

If we were smart and thoughtful in our preparations for the next phase of humanity’s journey, recovery and reformation, we would examine and update all the systems critical to our communication around the globe. One perspective of that endeavor is with materials and technology, the other is human leadership and strategy.

We have an opportunity to unite as a planetary civilization, perhaps not in a very comfortable way at first, though wars over resources are certainly less important with a global pandemic on our hands. Our world has been managed by profiteers, capitalist that care nothing for human life. In many ways, Nature has put a damper on those activities through the introduction of COVID-19.

Restoring order to everyday living will take some time, possibly years. We need to be aware and mindful of the process. We also need to take inventory of ourselves; what we really want and who we trust to lead us there. In America, the leadership and organizations for handling pandemics and national health systems were gutted for no apparent reason, leaving a void that prohibited prudent and swift action that cost lives.

Apparently in Russia, the opposite occurred. Not only were they prepared; there were enough resources, human and material, to share with other countries affected by the contagion. We now have a great example and lesson for developing better systems for planetary administration. We need a revolution of conscience to prepare the way for our sustainable future. What seems to be coming to light, though, is a few surreptitiously continued research and development after the same was outlawed in America and, in essence, performing treason.

In moving toward toward clarity, truth-telling and regaining the trust of the citizens, there are nearly insurmountable details and strategies that need to be addressed. They range from deliverables (new technologies) to distribution systems for goods and services, as well as non-polluting energy and transportation systems. Those items are pretty obvious. There is one that isn’t, though and future architects are well aware of the need for re-directing education, beyond previous reformation notions.

Our educational systems have been based on production; who needs to know what in order to be a productive member of society or cog in the wheel of the corporatocracy as a white- or blue-collar worker. We haven’t address the nature of intellectual evolution, let alone the affect of understanding how quantum physics has proven thoughts and feelings are intricately woven into creating our reality. As a future architect, to even speak of a spiritual evolution in tandem with intellectual growth often falls on completely deaf ears.

The latter is conundrum. It naturally moves us beyond the constraints of religious thinking. In actuality it replaces God with human accountability and responsibility. We aren’t ready for that, yet. Evolution of the human condition; the mind, body and spirit complex system has no more excuses for ‘the devil made me do it’ or ‘God willed this to happen.’ The evo-leap calls us to order in the highest sense possible. It isn’t blasphemous or heretical – it’s science. Let’s get practical for the next phase of human development.

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