Resilience of Americans – Challenging Times Cause Collaboration

Americans know how to work together

A strong servant leadership and workforce are what fuels the resilience of Americans, able to evaluate and correct errors in virtually any system.

We’re a resilient and resourceful bunch here in a America, let alone brilliant and capable folks around the world. We lost our heart [America] some time ago and have been functioning more like the muscle on the planet instead of the mind/heart leader we are destined to be. It is possible that’s changing since we absolutely have to focus domestically now.

Our supposed mortal enemy is doing more for the world than we are currently, providing personnel and supplies where needed. Americans are moving beyond the petty POTUS and stepping up to provide resources and respond with rational and well-organized logistical efforts. Independent thinkers are working diligently to address our nation’s concerns and bring relief to America and the world. Information sharing has taken on a new perspective, allowing the open communication we’ve needed for far too long.

Our health care system was obviously unprepared and pointing fingers as to why serves no one. Our country’s leadership has at least partially failed its citizenry, opting for profit over people by wanting to restore activity far sooner than necessary. Moving forward we have the opportunity to change the system into what it needs to be and put people before profit. The needs of the many are now more important than the needs of the few. Funny how Nature is reversing the old order of things.

What is also obvious is that advice and recommendations that were dismissed such a short time ago are now being instituted as solutions for our current crisis. It makes one wonder about the natural order of things, like a welling up of the soul of humanity that has been crying our for attention finally being heard. There is no party line here, just the health and well-being of our nation. Diminishing the importance of taking care of one another now is tantamount to treason of the highest order.

We’ve been headed in an untenable direction for decades, putting profits above people for far too long. Wouldn’t you think that, over time, the subconscious activities we do not understand fully would have an impact on the development of change agents? The soul of humanity operates on an ocean of emotion, often reacting to stimuli with less than intelligent actions. It’s time we became educated and informed, making better decisions for our mutual future.

Resilience of Americans

We’ve needed a change. Change only comes when things get too uncomfortable to continue in the same direction. Forced change is usually the most effective as people still haven’t learned how to get along well enough to make the best decisions. Perhaps the soul of humanity is welling up and providing a way toward those ends. Reacting quickly and with great effort toward assessing needs and providing resources is imperative.

Keeping an eye on the horizon and observing the present, at least a little informed, gives us the opportunity to communicate more effectively. The changing of ages seems relevant to note as well as the chaos of change apparent in the natural order of things right now. According to at least one source, the 7-10 year period following the Winter Solstice of 2012 would be full of challenge and turmoil. We just didn’t know exactly what.

Be that as it may, it is important to keep things in perspective. We need a practical and pragmatic direction; resilience in Americans can and will offer answers. In spite of the great challenge we face globally, it requires us all to learn how to work together better and move beyond the petty differences that have kept us from embracing the unity in diversity we so treasure in our ideal America. People, not politics or profiteers, are rising to the occasion like the Phoenix.

Efforts are being made and things will get better. We’re creative and innovative in pouring ourselves into problem-solving. Most systems are tremendously outdated and inefficient. We can fix them. That’s what we do as collaborators for a better nation and world. We all needed a holiday to get our heads on straight. It just happened to be forced. The call that has been welling up in humanity, for a more caring and concerned citizenry and leadership, has been heard. Prayers are being answered, perhaps not in the way we anticipated, yet they are being answered.

A better world is on its way. The test on our communication and distribution systems is dramatic and intense, yielding to a collaborative effort to help one another get through these challenging times. We’ve had to get further away from each other to get closer; such is the irony of destiny at times. So, we’ve been forced to take a break from our routines. Here’s some ideas on how to enjoy it more.resilience in americans


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